The New Autoblow 2

The new Autoblow 2 is officially the best male masturbator in the world.

The new Autoblow is a major improvement on the original, and corrects the faults of the previous Autoblow (for example, it is now easy to clean the sleeve), whilst delivering a tighter and smoother blowjob. The autoblow 2 is still tremendous value for money at just $159. The construction is sturdier than the first Autoblow, so it will last you a lot longer as well as being a much improved sex toy.

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Best Fleshlight Girl – Teagan Presley

teagan-presleyTeagan Presley Fleshlight ($99)

Teagan Presley’s sweet pussy is one of the most popular Fleshlights, and also the highest rated amongst customers at LoveHoney – the world’s biggest online sextoy shop.  Made with the tight and ultra stimulating Lotus inner texture, Teagen’s pussy will cling tightly but comfortably around your cock and create amazing sensations as you slide in and out of her sweet snatch.  Try fapping off to one of her videos while banging her Fleshlight.

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Autoblow Blowjob Masturbator

Have you ever dreamed of a magical power to have your dick sucked whenever you want it?  Dude – you can have this tommorrow!  This isn’t magic…this is the Autoblow!

autoblow 2

The Autoblow is a fully automatic cock sucking machine, a realistic masturbator that blows your dick until you explode your cum all the way inside its luscious lips!  The Autoblow is one of the fastest selling male masturbators in the world, with customers likening it to a Fleshlight that sucks your cock!  Lie back, and let the Autoblow do the work!!


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Tenga Flip Hole Red

tenga flip hole redTenga Flip Hole Red ($103)

This is the latest and best version of the famous Tenga Flip Hole.  Improved and modified, the Red version retains all the features that had the original described as the best male masturbator ever made, and ‘better than the real thing’.  It also comes with a few new fancy extras, such as a ‘floating pad’, as well as an even more intricate and satisfyingly ribbed and noduled inner sleeve.

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Best Cheap Masturbator – Head Honcho

Head HonchoHead Honcho ($13)

Quite simply the Sue Johanson Head Honcho is the best cheap masturbator  we have ever used.  It costs just $13 and yet has a quite staggeringly impressive ribbed interior – even containing a squishy ball at the end of its delightful inner sleeve that your cock will just love pounding when close to climax.

We’ve also found the Head Honcho to be extremely durable as well.  I’ve personally used it at least 50 times, and it is still giving me very intense sensations.  Use it as a stroker, sliding it up and down your penis and the intensity is comparable to the best Tenga toys.  Or simply rest it on a pillow and fuck it hands free.

Finally, the Head Honcho is also very easy to clean.  The material is so soft and stretchy that you can turn the toy completely inside out, allowing you to easily empty your cum and wash every part after use.

Quite simply no other cheap masturbator comes close to the Head Honch in this price category.

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Our Best Rated Male Masturbator : The Cobra Libre

Cobra LibreThe Cobra Libre is the most exciting new male masturbator we’ve seen for many a year.  Yes, the Tenga Flip is great, but the Cobra Libre is an entirely new kind of male sex toy.  It’s actually a genuine male vibrator that could make sex toys for men as popular as dildos and vibrators have always been for women.

The Cobra Libre is designed to excite the head of your penis. It achieves this feat both functionally and aesthetically.  The Cobra’s design is based upon a stylish motor racing car, and looks like no other sex toy.  It simply looks like a beautiful toy car gadget, and not at all like a masturbator.

The design is stylish and sleek, but the power contained within the toy, and its ability to create indescribable pleasure for your penis, is massive.  Two vibrating engines stimulate the head of your penis, which you can further manipulate by touching the sensitive surface of the Cobra around your cock.  In fact, you have a huge amount of control over the pressure, and intensity of the pleasure generated – more than any other male sex toy I’ve tested.  I honestly didn’t think that we’d see a male masturbator better than the Flip Hole appearing for a long time, but the Cobra Libre is exactly that.   This could be a Fleshlight AND Tenga killa.  It’s without doubt the male masturbator that we most strongly recommend at this time.

You can read customer reviews, more information, and buy the Cobra Libre for $139 at SexToyFun

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Best Fleshlight Masturbator

Fleshlight Ice

Fleshlight Ice – Best Fleshlight Masturbator

More and more male masturbators these days tend to come in transparent material.  I guess the reason is that a lot of guys like to see what’s going on down there.  For example, you can see exactly how far your penis is penetrating the masturbator.  With many masturbators having special ribs and balls the further you go in, that’s a good thing. 

So it’s great that Fleshlight have started releasing their famous male sex toys in transparent versions, known as the ‘Fleshlight Ice’.  With the incredible realism of the Fleshlights, it almost feels that you are able to watch your penis fucking a vagina.  A lot of guys will find this an extra turn-on.  One drawback with see-through Fleshlights is that they are not quite so discreet to carry around, as even the case is transparent.  If that’s not a problem to you though, I recommend the Fleshlight Ice as the one to buy.

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Roto-Bator – Spinning Masturbator

Roto-Bator Male Masturbator New Masturbator : The Roto-Bator ($87.89)

The Roto-Bator is one of the most talked about new male sex toys, and like the Tenga Toys and the Cobra Libre, it doesn’t try to replicate a vagina, it simply sets out to create the most incredible sensation a man can have.  Does it succeed?  The blue coloured masturbation sleeve contains softly ridged ‘fins’ in its interor, and these hug your penis as the masturbator rotates at speed around your penis.  Some customers have found the sensation to be intense, others say that the effect is merely de-sensitizing.  I guess if your penis is de-sensitized easily by masturbation or by using sex toys, then it would be best to avoid this one and go for the Cobra Libre (see above).  For others, at only $89, this might be worth a go.

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Tenga Male Masturbators

Tenga Male MasturbatorTenga is a Japanese sex toy company that make some of the best and most innovative male masturbators in the world.  Most of their male sex toys can be bought online in the USA and elsewhere.  Here are our top 5 Tenga Male Masturbators :

Tenga Flip Hole Black - $99 The best just got better.  Somehow, Tenga managed to not only improve upon the Tenga Flip Hole White, but make something different and even more intense.  Candidate for the best male masturbator in the world.

Tenga Flip Hole White – $99 Took male masturbation to another level with its incredibly complex and skillfully designed ribbed interior.  Three buttons on the side enable vacuum pressure to produce a variety of intense sensual pleasures for your penis.  The Flip Holes don’t seek to mimic a vagina, they attempt to improve upon it.  The white Flip Hole is slightly less intense than the black, so it’s a good first buy, and you also still have the black edition to look forward to!

Tenga Eggs- $8 – $43 Tenga Eggs are disposable, single use male masturbators.  Think that it can’t be worth the money to buy a throw-away sex toy you use only once or twice?  Think again.  Tenga Eggs are little masterpieces of complexity and design.  You will experience sensations that you never thought possible.  And each coloured egg delivers something different.  The 6-pack is great value as each egg works out at little more than $7 dollars each.

Tenga Lip Service- $13.20 Like the Tenga Eggs, this  is designed as a one use sex toy (though if you wear a condom and clean carefully, it should be good for at least several goes).  The thing is this toy will suck your dick a hundred times better than any cheap whore could.  And no STD’s afterwards.  It even produces slurping sensations when in use for added realism!

Tenga Flip Hole Warmer- $5.50 A simple re-usable device that will heat your Tenga Flip Hole or any Tenga Masturbator up to the moist, warm temperature of a woman’s pussy.

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