Best Male Masturbation Toys Reviewed
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Autoblow 2 – The Best Male Masturbator 2015

March 16, 2015

The Autoblow 2 is widely considered to be the best male masturbator in the world, and certainly our pick as the number 1 male sex toy of 2015. The result of extensive research and design testing, the crowdfunded Autoblow 2 was intended to liberate male sexuality through the invention of the first true blowjob machine. No longer do we have to depend on fickle women to get our cocks sucked – the Autoblow always delivers the perfect blowjob!

Sue Johanson Head Honcho Male Masturbator

April 16, 2015

sue-johnson-head-honchoSue Johanson Head Honcho ($22)

One of the most popular male masturbators in the world, the Sue Johnason Head Honcho is certainly the best value for money.  The material of the toy has a delicious luxurious rubbery and supple feel, while the inner chamber is patterned in an intricate and clever way to completely stimulate your penis along its entire length.

Real Love Doll Ange

April 13, 2015

Real Love Doll Ange ($8,400)


Possibly the most realistic sex doll ever made, this premium Japanese doll doesn’t come cheap, but what it does do is provide you with a life-time sex companion who will always be there for you, never age, and take a hard fucking as hard as you can deliver in any of her three sweet holes!

Utensil Race Proof 008 Realistic Vagina Masturbator

March 17, 2015

utensil-race-proofUtensil Race Masturbator ($119)

One of the most realistic Japanese male masturbators money can buy, this beautiful and tight, but soft and yielding lifelike vagina is almost a work of art. And it feels amazing to be inside! Intricately lined with a variety of patterned ribs and nubes, the inner canal is do detailed it even contains a g-spot! Based on one of Japan’s most popular AV models.